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"After just one week away from home, I feel a massive shift in my energy and outlook. I’m looking forward to getting back to my work. I was so burnt out I never thought I would say that!" 

Jerry Gerome

"This time last year, I was reeling from my divorce, just barely getting by. Thanks to this week in Costa Rica and the class, I am feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired to start my next chapter."

 Jeannie Park


Getting The LIFE

You Want Retreat


 Achieve Healing, Growth & Understanding

of our 'Selves' in Relationships 


When stress diminishes our our energy reserves

we become vulnerable to being triggered and 

feeling ungrounded in our relationships.


When 'relationship' is a key part of our work

we become prone to burnout.


Play and laugh while we explore

the messages that shaped you.


This program combines soul searching,

high energy fun, and deep relaxation 

you will recharge your aliveness

and regain more life force energy.


Please note: our program is effective for anyone interested in personal development and improving relationships.

It is powerful for couples, siblings, and friends to do together. 


May 6 -13, 2024

Rip Jack Inn, Playa Grande, Guancaste, Costa Rica




  • Rip Jack Inn and their daily Breakfast Menu
  • Transportation to and from LIR airport
  • Sunset welcome dinner
  • Surf Lessons (optional)
  • Wim Hoff Breath Work + Ice Bath
  • La Senda Labyrinth Walk
  • Cacao + Sound Ceremony
  • Las Catalinas + Sunset Dinner¬†
  • Tamarindo Night Market
  • Yoga¬†
  • Half day Spa Package
  • Catamaran Sailing and Snorkeling Tour
  • All meals included¬†

EXCLUDED: Airfare and add on services (i.e. additional space services or more than 2 alcoholic beverages per dinner)


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You can train and develop professional excellence while also having fun, learning about yourself, and making meaningful friendships.

This program focuses on supporting your mind, body, soul connection for you to uncover the most authentic version of yourself. If you are a  therapist, minister, nurse, coach, or a manager this work will empower you in your professional life. When we understand our own inner landscape, it allows us to better guide others to their deeper truths. 

Take advantage of all the the Costa Rican Pacific coast has to offer: sun, beaches, ocean surf, wildlife, sunsets, fresh fruit, world class food, and the vibrant life of Tamarindo!


Yes, tell me how to train in Costa Rica!

Hi I'm Michelle and I have been a psychotherapist since 2006.


Read my story¬† ‚ěĚ

Tired of professional development that is boring and ultimately not helpful?

Then you'll really appreciate self-care like this!


Often I have left a professional training or conference feeling unsatisfied. My impostor stuff can get stirred up with everyone jockeying to show how smart they are while talking at me. When the communication is only at the intellectual level, I leave feel disconnected and drained.

Part of why we moved to Costa Rica in the first place was to feel like there is more to life than work. And that is a big reason why we create retreats for "givers" who are passionate about how personal development and relationships influence each other -- and our work! 

Join us in Costa Rica to deep dive into the sacred truth about love and relationships that few people are talking about but we really need to understand. 

What if you knew how to leverage conflicts for your growth and healing? What if working with relationships could become deeply satisfying?

Once you understand relationships, you will not only be more helpful to your clients, you will improve all of your personal relationships!

Burnout has always been an issue in the helping professions - from ministers to nurses to psychotherapists. Our desire to help others can eventually lead to us feeling uninspired in our own lives.

And after the huge societal shifts in recent years, the work has become so challenging that many of our self-care routines cannot keep up!

Self-care routines are great but often the stress generated from our professional lives reflects a deeper belief about what we deserve. Without digging into our unconscious beliefs and re-working the repressive messages, we can continue to make the choices that make burnout inevitable. 

This program will support you in gently finding the repressive messages that reinforce poor choices and support your exploration to find new beliefs and new behaviors. 

We will work on a vision for your life with  a step-by-step plan to implement the changes so they will last long after you leave Costa Rica.






It’s about the journey, not the destination

Well maybe it is about the destination too...